I joined True North around June of 2017 after a long conversation with Mr. Rohit about switching from the SAT to the ACT. Rohit was a mentor and helped me through every step of the journey, whether it was tackling an error in science or helping me with strategies to attempt the test.

The teachers are very dedicated and truly desire to help the students - Mr. Neeraj was always available to clear my doubts in math, Mr. Motwani was just a Whatsapp away for doubts in math or science, and Ms. Dalrene guided me through English. They were very instrumental in my doing well in the ACT. Moreover, they were very motivating, making me believe I could do well. The feedback they gave helped me tackle my specific doubts. The entire team was essential in my sucesss and I am very thankful for their guidance. I will continue to recommend them to every test-taker!

Avanti Shah
(Dhirubai Ambani International School)

Around 2 months before my ACT exam, I joined True North with the aim of maxing the exam. The professors were understanding and gave me demo lessons in English and Math before I chose to join.

From the demo classes I built up high expectations and they did not let me down. The dedication of the professors, especially Dr. Motwani was inspiring. They were always ready to go the extra mile in order to assist me. They helped in answering my numerous doubts and made me believe that I could ace the exam. The several practice tests provided by True North and the feedback given by the professors was extremely helpful. I am grateful to the entire team for their continuous support, encouragement and guidance which helped me excel.

Vedant Podar
(Cathedral and John Connon School)

(Vedant has got admission in Singapore Management University )

True North is a great coaching institute because it built in me a genuine interest for subjects I studied there. The teachers are always ready to help and have guided me not only in solving questions but also in test strategy. One thing that differentiates True North from other coaching institutes is that the teachers really care. Jogesh sir and Rohit sir motivated me to do my best and always guided me well!

Isha Ajmera
(Hiranandani Foundation School)

(Isha Ajmera has secured admission to the University of California, Berkeley.)

I joined True North when I decided to take on Further Mathematics HL in the IB Diploma Program as an extra subject for an independent study. I studied under the guidance of Jogesh Sir, who helped me navigate through advance topics like Group Theory and Discrete Mathematics.

It was tough initially, but Sir pushed me to be independent enough to learn on my own from textbooks and he was always ready to help one-on-one when I struggled with new concepts. My favourite times where when we discussed certain maths problems with my peers at True North and argued over the solutions with seniors. Sir's vast knowledge of mathematics and the effective and interactive sessions were certainly a big help in my academic pursuit of Further Mathematics.

Academics apart, the environment at True North is conducive to learning. The tutors are all very friendly and approachable. Some days, Sir would treat us to oldies' rock music and other days we would have impromptu Harry Potter quizzes. The class atmosphere is fun, breathable and full of light. But the best part is the kitchen, which is forever stocked with Oreo cookies and juices-everything a student would need to rejuvenate for some after-school studying.

True North was the right choice for me. I enjoyed my weekly sessions with them and would definitely recommend them for anyone who is up for healthy academic discussions with a spot of fun.

Shubhangi Dutta
(Dhirubai Ambani International School)

(Shubhangi has secured admission to Stanford University for Fall 2017)

The dedication of the True North faculty is something you can't find anywhere else. The numerous practice tests provided by True North and the constructive feedback after every paper were essential to my performance on the SAT. A big thank you to the entire team for their support.

Shreyas Raman
(Cathedral School)

(Shreyas scored a very impressive 1550 in his first attempt in the New SAT.)

True North lived up to every promise they made. They said they would teach, test and mentor the kids and I am happy to say they kept their word.

Any tuition teacher or class can teach but what made them different was that they knew each kid individually, their strengths and weaknesses and treated them accordingly. They motivated, pushed, inspired and had a rapport with my son which made it that much easier for me.

The other great advantage was that it was under one roof, they were flexible with schedules and really did treat the kids like adults.

Rishav has got in to Middlebury, a rank #4 liberal arts college on Early Decision and much of the credit goes to them.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Sangeeta Kapoor
(Mother of Rishav Kapoor from Cathedral School)

With a crunched timeline of less than 3 months amidst a full time job, and a target of 700+ to apply to the B Schools of my choice, I was really pushing my luck with my 1st GMAT attempt. I signed up and religiously attended True North sessions with Jogesh Motwani (for Quant) and Anusha Ramanathan (for Verbal).

Jogesh’s sessions were sometimes harsh. It was quite disconcerting to realize that some very basic concepts, that I obviously assumed I had been taught as a kid, had actually been bypassed for short cuts (or very long cuts!) in primary school.  My knowledge was insufficient to keep me going at the speed and precision needed for the GMAT.  Jogesh was able to pick out these specific weak spots and re-teach them in the most effective manner that I have ever seen Math being taught. His methods helped me let go of my fear of some areas of Math that I’d mentally blocked out in college, like Permutations & Combinations, Sequences and Inequalities, and I cracked almost all these questions in the test.

Anusha’s language sessions were clear, concise and addressed precisely what the GMAT required. With the ambiguities in the English grammar rules to begin with, strengthening the exact requirements for this section was vital, and this is exactly what Anusha did. She resolved a lot of the conflicting grammar rules between US and Brit English, and specifically tackled the repetitive patterns seen in the GMAT Verbal section that would have been impossible for me to detect otherwise. The precious extra points in the verbal section are what finally turned out to be the kicker for my total score.

With a gap of 15 years from any formal education, I walked into my first True North class on 25th Aug 2012. 12 weekend sessions later, on 22nd Nov I walked out from the Pearson’s GMAT Test Centre with a brilliant 94 %ile. (Total 720 / 800, a perfect 6/6 in the AWA, and a 7 in IR) The impossible has been achieved.

Thanks True North. Thanks Jogesh and Anusha – for the killer score, and more importantly for the confidence that I needed to crack it.

Juthika Nagpal
(Zee Entertainment Enterprise Ltd)

It took me but a few classes to get acquainted with True North’s unique teaching style, charged-up by the possibility of learning for learning’s sake, and inspired by Mr. Raj Arora’s pep talks on how to max the SAT! At True North, studying is not restricted to merely “completing the syllabus”. Every class opens doors to new knowledge, while strengthening existing knowledge.

The experience is coupled with a diligent teaching faculty and a plethora of resources for self-study. I believe that the teachers at True North go beyond teaching students what to learn; they teach students how to learn. This can be seen in the institution’s “feedback system” where teachers and students interact and clarify doubts on a one-to-one basis. This highly personalized form of teaching and learning motivates students to go the extra mile – be it staying back after class or waking up at 9 am on a Sunday morning to give a four-hour SAT paper!

What makes True North unique is its flexibility in terms of feedback sessions, test-taking hours, and the like. The institution is always ready to teach its students, and thus, maximize individual potential. Monday through Sunday, students are free to give practice tests, use the endless amount of reference books, or simply study alone in a quiet room. Thus, it is what you make of it – if you are ready, so is True North!

Apart from this outstanding teaching philosophy, True North inculcates within its students the belief that nothing is out of reach – through perseverance, dedication, and hard work, the world is your oyster.

Shivaan Thakkar
(BD Somani International School)

(Shivaan was recently admitted to Northwestern University through Early Decision. He will be pursuing a Bachelors in Economics.)

About one and a half months before my SAT exam, I arrived at True North with no confidence in my SAT abilities, and a target score that many had told me would require much more time to achieve than was already on my hands. It was Mr. Raj Arora who gave me that first pep talk, making me want to believe that I could do it; as long as you have the work ethic and determination to do well, he said, True North is the place for you.

The next 40 days saw me at the centre almost every day. Be it an 8 am full length test, or an 8 pm feedback with the tutors, I took advantage of the flexibility that True North had to offer. Ms. Anusha Ramanathan worked tirelessly with me to improve my Critical Reading scores. Not only did she ensure that I knew every strategy to crack the paper, but also, more importantly, she never let my confidence drop. The personalized teaching that I received from her gave my scores a tremendous boost. Dr. Jogesh Motwani ensured that I did not neglect the Math section by reviewing concepts with me and cautioning me against negligent errors that I would be likely to make in the exam.

True North provided me with everything I needed to reach my target score. They were ever ready to go the extra mile and understood what form of preparation would suit me best. With little time at my disposal, I was able to capitalize on their efficient teaching system to reach my target.

Raghav Mehrotra
(Cathedral School)

(Raghav scored an impressive 2320 in his first attempt at the SAT.)

I joined True North in the summer of 2011, to help in preparing for the SAT. Since then their style of teaching has helped me excel not only in the SAT, but also in my IB HL subjects (Mathematics and Physics), and the SAT Subject Tests.

This is because their classes are not simply oriented around the SAT – they are comprehensive lessons on the concept being discussed. This style of teaching is obviously effective, seeing as the concepts I have learned have become intrinsic parts of my thought process.

The teachers there are also unlike teachers at most other places. Soon enough, you get to know them as friends, rather than as teachers, which helps in a better understanding of the concepts discussed.

In all, joining TN has been a decision I am not likely to ever regret.

Abhishek Modi
(BD Somani International School)

(Abhishek aced his SAT Subject Tests and is consistently getting 7s in his IB HL subjects. He has gained admission to U of I at Urbana Champaign)

What I liked about True North:

  • Teaches both Math and English, making it very convenient
  • Flexible with timings, which is very important in the extremely busy Grades 11 and 12
  • Separate rooms for classes, correcting papers and giving tests making it easier to focus on the task at hand
  • Tutors were very accessible and made themselves available one-on-one several times to solve specific problems
  • Raj, Jogesh and Anusha were very supportive in terms of helping me come up with a strategy and a timetable to crack the SATs
  • The snacks in the kitchen and juice in the fridge are lifesavers!
  • They have a huge bank of SAT 1 tests, so you can practice all you want
  • They simulate test conditions of the real day by holding SAT tests every Saturday and Sunday morning - this was extremely helpful in terms of learning to manage time, building up stamina and measuring true standards.
  • Peers and tutors are focused, but easygoing and relaxed
  • They make sure you discuss where you have gone wrong in each SAT test
  • Very efficient in marking tests


  • Goes carefully over all SAT grammar rules
  • Corrects and gives constructive advice on essays
  • Critical Reading
  • Teaches tips and tricks for each different type of question
  • Helps with vocabulary
  • Helps in learning to differentiate between two very similar answer options
  • Spends a lot of time going over CR passages with you, and if your answer choice is wrong, explaining why


  • Teaches topic by topic, handing out SAT-style worksheets for each individual topic
  • Gives a lot of individual attention to each kid
  • Gives a lot of shortcuts and tricks to solve seemingly hard Math problems
  • Goes over each sum you have gotten wrong and explaining why

Overall, I loved True North because all the tutors are very encouraging, supportive and gave me insightful advice on how to improve my SAT score - which really helped.

Ayesha Mangaldas
(BD Somani International School)

(Ayesha has secured admission to Harvard.)

I joined True North during my summer break in July/August. My prime reason for joining was to get help to improve my SAT Writing scores. The TN tutors put in all their effort and time to help me as I had only a month and half with them, and sure enough my scores in Math, Reading and Writing all went up!!

I found their classes engaging, interactive and very effective. They encouraged discussions and never left any doubts unanswered. Their analysis of my weaknesses and strengths helped me answer my papers better and I know that had I been able to have more time with them, I would have surely aced my SATs.

Amyr Hamza Shaikh
(International School of Choueifat, Abu Dhabi)
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