Skype Classes - SAT and ACT

Course Contents


Grammar will be taught in 30 minutes sessions. The topics that will be covered in grammar are: Punctuation , Pronouns, Modifiers and Parallelism, Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement, Diction, Redundancy

Writing Strategies will be discussed based on both Grammar Concepts and Paragraph/Passage Improvement.

Reading Strategies will be taught using examples from sheets shared with students.

Essay writing concepts will also covered, and discussions on topics/passages/ideas will be encouraged.


The basic concepts in Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis and Statistics, Counting, and Probability will be taught in depth.

Advanced topics like Functions and Graphical interpretation of Functions will be taught next.

Science (only ACT)

The Science section of the ACT does not test knowledge but requires the student to be comfortable with the language and method of science. Using a variety of science passages, we shall cover all the basic strategies required to excel in this section.


After each session, HW sheets will be assigned. These will be discussed at the start of the next session.

Practice Tests

Sectional tests and Full Length Practice tests (FLTs) will be emailed and are to be done as per timings given, ideally with a parent or guardian supervising the test.

Feedback for the same will be given regularly, with strategies suited to each individual student's needs.

Web tools

We will use web teaching tools in addition to Skype.

Course Duration

The total time would be 40 hours of online contact.