Mathematics, like any meaningful human activity, needs to be understood to be appreciated. Nowadays, students are taught methods, and formulae, and tricks, without an underlying foundation. And we all know where that leads. Even our school “toppers” have very little idea of what or why, they only know how.

This course intends to redress the balance.

Mathematics is nothing but a creative abstraction of the natural and man-made worlds. The course will encouragestudents todevelop an appreciation of number sense, geometric visualisation, logical thinking, and algebraic reasoning. Occasionally, math learning aids like puzzles, 3-d models, and tablet apps will be used to enliven and stimulate the learning process.

The focus will be on first understanding, and then deriving, the connections between seemingly unrelated topics. The intent is to give the child a coherent core, to construct a foundation based on enquiry, which they can build on throughout their lives.


Suggested ages: Grades 7 and 8 (the earlier the foundations are addressed, the better).

Meet once a week for an hour and a half.

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