The inadequacies of regular schooling are well documented, but the most glaring one has to be the focus on rote learning without regard to understanding or direct experience. In stark contrast, True North's pedagogy (evolved by our Academic Head, Dr Jogesh Motwani), focuses entirely on a child's cognitive abilities. Trained by Dr Motwani, our tutors now possess the talent to identify the different learning abilities of every child, and guide and mentor her/him to truly appreciate and understand the subject.

For example, our English tutors help foster a love for reading and writing in our kids while guiding them to present their ideas better, while our Math and Science teachers focus on the understanding and exploring of concepts, and not on the formulae or the methods (which follow logically from the understanding, and not the other way around!).


True North offers courses for homeschoolers in the following subject areas:

  • IGCSE Math and English (Grades 8th to 10th)
  • AS and A Level Math, Physics and English (Grades 11th and 12th)
  • IBDP Math, Physics and English (Grades 11th and 12th)

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