We have enjoyed our journey for close to a decade now helping our students with different aspects of their school and college prep. We hope we have added some value to the process. For us it's been educative and enriching.

From 1 May 2019, True North will discontinue it's classroom model. Our tutors will still be available for Skype classes for the following subject areas:

SAT Subject Tests in Math and Physics
IGCSE Math, English and Physics
IB Math, English and Physics
AS and A-Levels Math and Physics
Please call +919967553927 or +919819604160 for Skype classes

True North's offer for Podar 10th grade kids of 2018-19!

The all-important 10th exams are done with in November 2018! A long, long holiday lies in front of you.

What are your plans? Of course you must kick back and enjoy. But you could also take advantage of the long break to get somethings off your checklist so that the 11th and 12th are also relatively stress free.

Are you planning to pursue your college studies abroad? Then you will need to take the SAT or the ACT for many a college overseas, be it in America, Canada, Singapore or such, ask for your score in SAT or ACT, depending on the college.

What are these exams?

SAT, or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, comprises of tests of your reading comprehension skills, your know-how of American English grammar and your analysis of persuasive writing and your mastery of Mathematics at a level slightly above the 10th grade level.

ACT, or the American College Testing, tests similar concepts to the SAT such as reading comprehension, American Grammar, persuasive writing, application of Mathematical concepts and ability to interpret scientific information. However, the test is structured differently, and, therefore, the strategies used to ace the test have to be different from what one uses in the SAT.

How can you prepare?

Preparation is key to acing any exam. Strategies can be learnt from books as well, but books do not give you feedback about whether the strategy you are applying is the right one or not. The times when you need guidance and reassurance and even correction in your approach are why tutoring is crucial.

The True North Centres, at Bandra and Colaba, have experienced tutors who give you just this personalised coaching in all facets of these two exams.

We have a special offer just for you.

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