SAT Math Video Lessons

A. Arithmetic

   A.1  Topics in Arithmetic

           A.1.1  Ratios and Proportions

           A.1.2  Percents, Fractions, Decimals, Interest, Profit and Loss

           A.1.3  Rate and Work

           A.1.4  Mixtures

B. Counting Techniques and Probability

   B.1  Counting Techniques and Probability

           B.1.1  The Multiplication Principle

           B.1.2  An Introduction to Probability

           B.1.3  Permutations

           B.1.4  Combinations

           B.1.5  Intersection and Union of Events

C. Number Properties

   C.1  Basics

           C.1.1  Natural Numbers, Integers, Absolute Value

           C.1.2  Exponents and Roots

   C.2  Divisibility

           C.2.1  Divisibility, Quotients and Remainders, Divisibility Rules for 2, 4, 3, 5, 10

           C.2.2  Factors and Multiples, HCF and LCM, Primes and Prime Factorization

D. Algebra

   D.1 Topics in Algebra

           D.1.1  Algebraic Expressions

           D.1.2  Factoring

           D.1.3  Equations I – Linear, Quadratic

           D.1.4  Equations II – Radical, Rational, Absolute value

           D.1.5  Inequalities

           D.1.6  Word Problems

E. Coordinate Geometry, Functions, and Graphs

   E.1  Basic Coordinate Geometry

          E.1.1  Introduction to Coordinate Geometry - The Coordinate Plane, Distance and Mid-point


   E.2  Functions and Graphs

          E.2.1  Introduction to Functions - Notation, Domain and Range, Inverse functions

          E.2.2  Graphs of Functions – Plotting and reading graphs, Inverse functions, Graph


          E.2.3  Graphs of Linear Functions (Straight Lines)

          E.2.4  Graphs of Quadratic Functions (Parabolas)

F. Geometry

   F.1  Geometry I

          F.1.1  Lines and Angles

          F.1.2  Triangles I

          F.1.3  Triangles II

          F.1.4  Quadrilaterals and Polygons

          F.1.5  Circles

          F.1.6  Solids

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