SAT Math

Format of the Mathematics component

The Mathematics component of the Redesigned SAT follows the English sections. It consists of 58 questions to be attempted in a total of 80 minutes. It is organized into two sections (Sections 3 and 4) as follows:

Section 3 Non-Calculator: 15 Multiple Choice questions and 5 Grid-In questions  25 minutes
Section 4 Calculator: 30 Multiple Choice questions and 8 Grid-In questions 55 minutes

The Mathematics Curriculum

While the Mathematics section is shorter than the English component, it does test the student on all basic Mathematics concepts, The curriculum for the Mathematics portion of the SAT consists of core topics in Arithmetic, Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Data Interpretaion, Probability and Statistics, and a few miscellaneous topics. These include

Algebra Geometry Arithmetic
Polynomial basics Lines Arithmetic operations
Exponents Angle properties Number properties
Factoring Triangles Fractions and Decimals
Solving equations Quadrilaterals and Polygons Ratios and rates
Linear Inequalities Circles Percents
Variation Solid Geometry Sequences and Series
Function notation Coordinate Geometry
Special functions
Quadratic functions
Exponential Functions
Statistics Miscellaneous
Averages Sets
Combinations and Permutations Logic
Probability Word Problems
Data Interpretaion Complex Numbers
Linear Regression

Mathematics Question Types

The questions are of the following two types:

Multiple Choice Question

A problem with four answer choices is given. You have to choose the correct answer from the four choices and fill in the appropriate oval in the answer sheet. There is NO negative marking so you must always guess intelligently even if you are unsure of the answer.

Sample multiple choice question

Grid-In Question

These are questions without answer choices, and test the candidate’s ability to process and analyse information and data. The candidate has to compute the answer and then use the ovals on the answer sheet to fill in the solution.

Sample grid-in question

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