SAT Vocabulary

Vocabulary is not merely the recollection of words and their meaning. Word recognition and its proper usage indicates complex thinking ability. The more the words one knows, the more the connections or categories established, the more developed the brain is.

Words are symbols that connote meaning for an idea. The ability to communicate one's thoughts and feelings and share others' perspectives requires lexicon. The more one wishes to share ideas, the more nuanced one's vocabulary skills need to be. This is the reason why most competitive examinations test one's command over vocabulary.

The old SAT effective till Jan 2016 had 19 Sentence Completion (SC) questions in the Critical Reading (CR) section that tested one's mastery of an exhaustive list of words and their usage. In addition, the Reading Comprehension (RC) and the Multiple - Choice Questions (MCQ) in the Writing section also tested one's know-how of vocabulary. The revamped SAT, effective from March 2016, has done away with the sentence completion questions in the Reading section. However, it still tests the candidate's command over vocabulary with reading and writing sections comprising questions framed on diction. The essay too continues to tests this skill of the candidate. Thus, it pays to work hard to improve one's vocabulary.

Many books for SAT give up to 4000 odd words in a list of purported popular words that occur in the SAT. Indeed, many of these words are worth learning as they are used in intellectual circles and indicate a comprehensive grasp of the English language.

However, the task is not as arduous as it appears at first glance, one need not learn words as one would learn from a dictionary. In fact, rote learning of words does not necessarily merit a good score.

SAT and other competitive examinations test one's ability to use the right word in context, which one could learn only by using the words and completing as many Sentence Completion exercises as possible. We at True North give you loads of practice in this aspect.

We also help you learn words in a fun way by playing many vocabulary games, trying to use the words in context, teaching you word clusters, prefixes and suffixes, roots of words, and so on.

Competition adds to the fun of learning and attempting many Sentence Completion questions also assures that the student has adequate practice to attempt the SAT successfully.

Our Facebook account open to our students also has periodic questions posed to our students to enable them to engage with vocabulary for brief periods in keeping with our philosophy that learning is a continual process and not a routine to be performed at times.

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