We have enjoyed our journey for close to a decade now helping our students with different aspects of their school and college prep. We hope we have added some value to the process. For us it's been educative and enriching.

From 1 May 2019, True North will discontinue it's classroom model. Our tutors will still be available for Skype classes for the following subject areas:

SAT Subject Tests in Math and Physics
IGCSE Math, English and Physics
IB Math, English and Physics
AS and A-Levels Math and Physics
Please call +919967553927 or +919819604160 for Skype classes

The SAT essay has undergone a complete transformation. No longer is a student expected to argue on a philosophical topic such as "Honesty is not always the best policy". Now the essay tests skills that a high school student is expected to have mastered to present an analysis of a written extract.

In brief, the student is expected to within 50 minutes

The Essay is the first section of the SAT. It is an important component of the Writing section of the SAT and comprises about 30 percent of the overall Writing score.

  • Read the extract in detail and glean the main ideas from the passage.

  • Analyze the stylistic and linguistic devices used by the author to present ideas.

  • To cogently present this analysis in a well constructed essay.

    The essay will now feature at the end of the test since it is an optional item.

    To know more about the format and to read sample prompts and essays released by the College Board click here