The NEW SAT (In effect from May 2016 in India)

The College board has done away with the demarcation between English and CR and merged it into 01 component called English that is worth 800 in the newly designed SAT.

Grammar will be tested in the New SAT as well, but instead of identifying Sentence Errors or Improving Sentences, students are expected to improve paragraphs on the basis of vocabulary choice, sentence structures, style choices, organization of ideas, and so on. This component is almost the same as the Improving Paragraphs component in the current SAT.

The dreaded Sentence Completion section has been completely dropped. However, vocabulary will still be tested but with reference to the word usage in the passages given for Reading Comprehension. Reading Comprehension has been expanded to include academic passages that involve diagrams, figures, tables, charts and so on. Largely, though, the types of questions asked remain the same as in the RC Component in the existing SAT.

The Essay is now OPTIONAL and occurs at the end of the new SAT. The students must analyze a given passage for its rhetoric and presentation style. Their commentaries will be marked for their ability to respond to and analyze a given discourse logically and present their arguments effectively. The time limit for this has been increased from 25 minutes to 45 minutes.