SAT Exam Dates

In March 2017 the College Board announced that the SAT will be held 4 times a year internationally, instead of 6 times a year earlier. The SAT will now be held in March, May, October and December. A student can take the SAT as many times as he/she wishes to but would have to pay a fee each time. It is therefore advisable to be well prepared before any attempt at the SAT. True North Learning Systems offers various courses for the SAT test prep. If a student is short of time he/she can take the intensive SAT Crash Course. For those preparing well in advance, True North has the highly recommended Early Bird SAT Program that will ideally position you to crack the SAT.

2016-17 International SAT Administration Dates and Deadlines
SAT Date Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes
Oct 01, 2016 Sep 01, 2016 Sep 20, 2016
Nov 05, 2016 Oct 07, 2016 Oct 25, 2016
Dec 03, 2016 Nov 03, 2016 Nov 22, 2016
Jan 21, 2017 Dec 21, 2016 Jan 10, 2017
May 06, 2017 Apr 07, 2017 Apr 25, 2017

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