ACT Score Conversion Table:

The ACT has no negative marking.

The Total RIGHT answers = The RAW score in each section.

This RAW score should be matched to the converted score as given on the 1st page of the chart.
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For example:
72 in English = 34
57 in Math = 33

Once you get your Essay graded, you need to again convert your ENGLISH Score to a WRITING Score as given on Page 2 wherein:

RAW English Score in on the Y-axis

Essay Score is on the X-axis.

Now plot.

For example: The 34 RAW Score in English with a 10 in the Essay will net you 33 in the Writing.

NOW, to get the ACT Score:

Total the Converted Scaled scores of
- Math
- Reading
- Science
- Writing

Divide this Sum by 4 to get your ACT score.

Round up (if the number ends in .5 or .75) or round down (if the number ends in .25) to the nearest Whole number.

For example:
33 - Math
32 - Reading
31 - Science
33 - Writing

Total = 129
ACT Score = 129 / 4 = 32.25 = 32.

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