IB Prep Courses

IB English Prep Course

Reading - 2 sessions

  1. Introduction to different genres.
  2. Stylistic Analysis - Techniques and Literary Devices Overview

Writing - 3 sessions

  1. Presenting an Analysis. - Organising and Linking Ideas.
  2. Writing Comparison based answers.
  3. Solving Paper 01 of English Language and Literature - HL/SL Level.

Each session is of 2 hours duration.

Total duration: 10 hours

IB Math Prep Course

The fundamentals of Algebra, Geometry, Number Properties, and Probability and Counting will be strengthened so as to make the student's transition into the IB curriculum smooth.

In addition, the first 3 chapters of the IB curriculum will be covered so that the student has a jump start when she/he enters school.

Total duration: 20 hours, and extendable to the entire True North IB Math Course (optional)

IB Physics Prep Course

The IB Physics Programme is a rigourous one that expects students to study motion of matter from the minutest particles to the vast galaxies and involves an in-depth exploration of related concepts such as mechanics, heat, waves, electric and magnetic fields, atomic physics, astrophysics, climate change and more.

The True North IB Prep course is designed as a bridge from the IGCSE and ICSE curriculae to the IB curriculum. Our Prep course consists of strengthening the core areas - including problem solving skills and conceptual understanding.

We will also cover the first few chapters of the IB curriculum so that students have a jump start when they start school.

Most students who join our Prep courses continue with us through their entire IB program as our students.

Total duration: 20 hours, and extendable to the entire True North IB Physics Course (optional)

For an overview of the IBDP Physics curriculum click here.

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