We have enjoyed our journey for close to a decade now helping our students with different aspects of their school and college prep. We hope we have added some value to the process. For us it's been educative and enriching.

From 1 May 2019, True North will discontinue it's classroom model. Our tutors will still be available for Skype classes for the following subject areas:

SAT Subject Tests in Math and Physics
IGCSE Math, English and Physics
IB Math, English and Physics
AS and A-Levels Math and Physics
Please call +919967553927 or +919819604160 for Skype classes

Integrated Reasoning (IR)

From June 2012, candidates will be expected to exhibit their skills at interpreting and using data as they would when they are working professionals in the business environment.

To ensure that the exam is a fair assessment of the candidates ability to analyze data and showcase their comfort with technological advancements, Integrated Reasoning (IR), a 30 minute component replaces the Analysis of an Issue Essay in the Analytical Writing Assessment section.

The GMAT Test will begin with Analysis of an Argument (30 minutes) and be immediately followed by the Integrated Reasoning Section (30 minutes).

As was true of the AWA section, the IR too will be scored separately and will not be contribute to the actual GMAT score of 800 that is graded based on the candidate's performance in the Quantitative and Verbal Sections.

The section will comprise 12 questions based on information presented in Graphics, Tables and Text.

True North's GMAT Coaching includes detailed training for the IR section.  For more about True North's GMAT courses, click here.

To know more about the IR section, click here.