True North GMAT Courses

For the working professionals who want to up their skills - an intense Crash Course that includes Night Classes

The GMAT Accelerated

(5 weeks/20 sessions)

For those who want a thorough preparation progessing from the Basic to the Advanced levels

The GMAT Thoroughbred 

(3 months)

At True North we understand the need to hone your skills and clear your doubts as the exam date seems to quickly march towards you.

Our trainers with decades of experience behind them in coaching hundreds of GMAT students over the years will endeavor to provide you with strategies to ace the test.

We are well versed with the new GMAT Test Pattern and will ably guide you to prepare for the new AWA section that now includes the Integrated Reasoning Component in the place of the Analysis of an Issue essay.

Our GMAT Accelerated (Crash Course), an intense course of 5 weeks, consists of Night Classes on two week-nights, and weekend classes,  totalling 80 hours of classroom instructions covering all aspects of the GMAT. The course plan:

Introduction and US English Syntax Number Theory
Reading Comprehension Algebra
Critical Reading Geometry
Sentence Correction Advanced Math
AWA Section – Essay Writing Data Sufficiency and Integrated Reasoning
Revision and Doubt Solving Revision and Doubt Solving

We will also offer you Practice Tests to sharpen your skills, with tutors always available for relevant feedback.

Our GMAT Thoroughbred Course runs for a period of 3 months and will cover everything you need to know to tackle the GMAT. Our trainers will teach you from the ground level and gradually build your skills from the basic to the advanced to enable you to take the GMAT with confidence and ease.

With over 100 hours of instruction, loads of practice tests, individualized feedback during doubt solving sessions, our Thoroughbred Course offers you the right training to race your way to the finish line far ahead of the pack.

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