The GMAT (Analytical Writing Assessment)

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) (60 Minutes)

In the Old GMAT Pattern that is in effect till June 2012, the candidate is expected to write 2 analytical essays in 1 hour. As it is a computer based test, your typing and proofreading skills must be good as a spellchecker is not available. The two types of writing questions consist of:

Analysis of an Issue (30 minutes)

Analysis of an Argument (30 minutes)

The New GMAT Pattern (AWA + IR) (60 Minutes)

In the new GMAT format one of the essay components of the AWA section of the GMAT will be replaced by a new section, Integrated Reasoning that tests one’s ability to reason and effectively deduct answers to questions based on data given on a sortable spreadsheet.

Analysis of an Argument (30 minutes)

Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes)

As in the old pattern, the candiates cannot opt for a break in between these sections.

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