True North is hiring now.

English Tutor

If encouraging students to focus and strategise as they assimilate concepts of Grammar and hone their Reading skills and Critical Thinking abilities excites you, apply to join the highly dedicated team at True North.

Your role will include:

  • Teaching classes for SAT and ACT in small groups of approximately 08 students.
  • Giving feedback tailored to the individual needs of the students for SAT/ACT Sheets.
  • Tutoring SAT 2 Literature students.
  • Preparing very small batches of students with individualised feedback and training methods for GMAT.
  • Mentoring and teaching IB English SL and HL students in one-on-one sessions.
  • Developing Academic Language Skills of IGCSE and lower grade students in intimate batches of not more than 04.
  • Sourcing and Designing course material for the above exams.

We believe in knowledge sharing and are committed to interact with tutors in person and through mails, etc. to discuss students’ progress, brainstorm for better methods and better the services we offer our students.

We also have intense discussions about Game of Thrones, Politics, Music, Yoga, Junk food, Star Wars and what not. Wanna join us?

Math Tutor

Teaching Mathematics is an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. At True North, the emphasis is on enabling students to think independently and understand the subject, and not just learn "methods" to solve problems.

Your role will include:

  • One on one coaching.
  • Classroom teaching.
  • Creating content for the SAT, the ACT, and the GMAT.
  • Creating lecture notes and tests for the IGCSE, ICSE, A-Levels and IB syllabi.
  • Continually improving your teaching style with guidance from your Subject Head.
  • Continually enlarging your mathematical knowledge under the guidance of your Subject Head.
  • Mentoring students and motivating them to get better.


  • A desire to learn, teach, and grow as a mathematician.


At True North we love working with young minds. If you would like to hone your skills of explaining concepts, developing worksheets, managing flow of visitors and students, designing flyers and brochures, writing webposts, managing Facebook updates, recording and analysing data to help sharpen our offerings, we welcome you to join us and learn to teach and teach to learn.