True North Pedagogy

True North has a team of subject experts who have brainstormed to determine the most effective strategy for optimizing True North students’ Scores. The team used its collective experience in the following manner:

1. The team analyzed the actual test questions of the past 6 years.

The questions were classified under various rubrics like Topic and Sub-topic, and assigned Difficulty Levels based on the knowledge and experience of the experts, and the positions of the questions in the test.

2. They then involved other experts to evolve a teaching methodology and a set of problem solving strategies.

The consensus amongst the subject matter experts was that most competitive exams tested one’s skill sets as well as conceptual knowledge. So, a two-pronged approach of developing the students’ subject knowledge in terms of basic concepts is accompanied by ample practice sessions of questions based on the concept.

3. Lastly, the team then created extensive practice problem sets that closely mimic the actual exam questions in content, style and difficulty levels.

One key insight gained from our years of teaching experience is that the lack of application of conceptual knowledge is the primary reason for low scores in these exams. Therefore, the student at True North is exposed to both actual SAT\ACT or GMAT questions and similar question constructs. Feedback sessions are then organized to allow the student to analyze the reasons why mistakes are being made in selecting the right option, or where time is being wasted in each section.

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