True North Coaching

This is conducted in order for both the student and the tutor to know where the student stands at the beginning of the sessions. The strong and weak areas in each component are identified so that a tailor-made strategy can be created for the student.

Human nature responds better to constant feedback, wherein one is appreciated for one’s efforts when they are effective and encouraged to persevere when one makes mistakes.

Reinforcement is the key to retaining learnt concepts. In this context, True North students will be given homework practice, followed by feedback sessions and quizzes in the next class.

Each student has a different pace of learning, and this pace is catered to at True North. Every student is given individual attention , and regular reports will be given to track progress. This will also serve to motivate students.

‘Practice makes perfect’ goes a popular saying. Test practice sessions followed by individual feedback sessions are an essential tool in the True North coaching strategy.

  1. Diagnostic testing to pin-point strengths and weaknesses
  2. Interactive tutorial sessions that engage and challenge
  3. Regular homework practice and quiz taking
  4. Individualized monitoring and reporting
  5. Extensive test practice at the end of the course with one-on-one tutoring assistance
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