Why Us?

The founders of True North have over four decades of collective experience in the field of education. We have a sharp understanding about the needs of students and an insight into their minds. This expertise, coupled with a strong team of the finest teachers and educationists, will ensure that you will be guided in a systematic and deliberate fashion. True North has an advisory board of leading academicians and education entrepreneurs.


The True North academic team will continuously develop original content aligned to our teaching strategies and exam curriculae. We will also customize appropriate content that is already available on the internet and in print to suit your needs.


Our teaching process, small class sizes and tutorial help sessions will recognize different learning abilities. Emphasis will be placed on test-taking strategies. We will encourage students to take charge of the learning process so that they may derive the maximum benefit from the resources available.


We will use advanced technologies. These include online tutoring and virtual classrooms.

Class Dynamics

The True North classroom experience will be different. To ensure a different dynamic, variable sized groups will be formed after careful consideration of individual abilities. The sessions will be interactive, encouraging proactive thinking. Classroom discipline will ensure a level of seriousness that is a prerequisite for academic excellence.


Our endeavour will be to provide personalised attention to each student, and to continuously modify our teaching methodologies and content to ensure that it meets individual needs.

Assessment and Reporting

Continuous assessment and reporting will be a key feature of our courses. This will enable our tutors to identify areas where a student needs focused help and support.

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